PCEngine Emulation issues

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    Oct 2, 2014
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    Hi folks, new here, I am trying to get any of the three known TG16/PCEngine emulators to work properly on my Wii U. I have the Homebrew channel installed, and NES and SNES emulators work fine. However, Hu-GoWii, Wii-Engine and wiimednafen all have the same problem. That is, I can launch (load) them from SD and then open up fine, but once they load, that's it. I cannot use the controller to do anything. Its like the controller goes dead once it is loaded. So I am wondering, is there some trick I am missing to get this to work properly? I am trying this with a Wii Remote Plus. I also tried an old Wii Remote with classic controller and the same problem exists. Any ideas?