Patching Fatal Frame 4 Help

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    Using System Firmware 4.2U , I've attempted to apply the english patch, but to no avail. when I try to patch It, After it finds everything and says now patching, it says "This Isn't where the music's at, I guess I'm going back down there" . I've followed everything exactly, and I used the example images included with the patch to make sue i had all the files in their proper place.

    Does anyone know what to do? I'm using a retail disc here, US Region Wii. Their website ( says the total files should near 800 MB's, but mine hovers just over around 700 MB's total, I'm wondering if theres something wrong with the downloads now, Maybe some files are missing?

    I've checked the songs folder, I'm not sure how many theres supposed to be, but on mine, there's only One. maybe that has something to do with "This isn't where the music's at."
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    Do you have a original copy of the game, the official way only works with a original disc if I remember correctly.