Pandora SD Card Speed Fix

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    [​IMG] Pandora SD Card Speed Fix
    makes SD cards use a write cache and increase write speed.

    Modification for the OpenPandora's Pandora OS which drastically increases SD card write speeds
    This application makes changes to the OS, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK![/p]

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    Contributed by luke_c
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    i find a certain pattern to all of this...
    1.) Fixes come very quickly
    Reason: People have already been excited about this and are prepared to do something that they have aspired to
    2.) The fixes are very delicate or doubtful
    Reason: Quick fixes and that pandora is still not fully understood

    But have an SD card quick read is something impressive to show external things are quickly increasing
  3. 18masterkyle

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    Jul 18, 2008
    I can't justify spending all this money on an outdated piece of hardware/software. Just buy a netbook or even an inexpensize laptop and there you go! Much more functionality than this stupid thing.
  4. adzix

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    Mar 14, 2006
    that's like saying don't get ds or psp, get a ps3 or xbox instead.
    obviously you don't see the point in it, fine.
    i for one pre-ordered a pandora and can't wait for it.

    i really don't see myself dragging a netbook plus an usb joystick around to play some fun emus.
    but have you noticed how small the pandora really is? awesome stuff.