original wiikey and updates?

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    hey i was wondering if the original wiikey still work with most of the new games, and also will updating to the latest version of the wii stop me from playing backups? just wanted to kno if the wiikey is still good and whether of not updating to the latest version will let me still play. Can someone please answer my question. Thanks and would really appriciate it if is from someone that has experienced it.
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    None firmware will stop you from playing backups with a mod chip...

    Wiikey v1 is still good...
    Only I'm not sure if they will stay bringing updates for it...

    1.9S they still need to finish with 1.9X
    Since there were some audio bugs in it on gamecube mode and didn't really block updates I believe...

    If they are not gonna update v1 anymore I want a 50% off card to buy a wiikey v2 [​IMG] lol (j/k)

    I mean they still can... Ninja and Cyclo can do it too and are same generation mod chips...
    So they not much coming with this to me:
    We can't update Wiikey v1 anymore guys... go get a Wiikey v2...
    I respect their work but... there is/was so less support for the updates on Wiikey v1... I mean we had to wait like a half year or more for one update they wanted/needed to bring out... 0_o

    For now we can live with the Wiikey v1 1.9S...
    But they really should continue support Wiikey... or else I probably won't even buy Wiikey v2 and get Argon (NAND flash and dump [​IMG] )