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Discussion in 'Mobile Phones and Media Players' started by Beware, Jun 21, 2014.

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    The OnePlus One is a new Android phone designed to be a Nexus-killer. With across the board superior specs and a lower price point, this is looking to be the phone to get. It uses CyanogenMod instead of stock Android, ensuring community driven support. It's due to launch later this year. They also have rolling invites to get it early. Right now and for the next 3 days they are giving away 2500 invites.

    Sign up here for a chance to win either a 64GB black 1+1 or an invite. This is all done through the official OnePlus website, so you can be assured it is legit. I also have some invites for some secret internet places if you have an invite to trade.

    Anyone have this glorious piece of tech already?
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    Nvm... I just realized that you're just using a cheap referal link only trying to increase your odds, and likely don't actually care about all the negatives OnePlus One has to offer.

    Calling something a "Nexus-killer" implies that the Nexus is the top of it's class, when actually its in the lower, or middle of its class. On the scale of 0 to 10, Nokia 3310 being a 0, and iPhone 5s or Galaxy S5 being a 10, the Nexus is about a 7.5. The only thing great about a Nexus these days is the relative high-specs-to-price ratio. Specs that quite frankly, don't even matter anymore outside of gaming and emulation.

    Also, don't bloat up Cyanogen mod to be this great thing. We all rush to put Cyanogen Mod on our phones not to make them better, but to make them more "our Own" If you buy a Cyanogen Phone, then you're going to get the same bugs most people already face on their phones running the same rom. I don't believe in OnePlus One being a "community" phone, because all phones are community phones. I couldn't have modded every phone I've owned since 2007 without a community. I can't imagine what a OnePlus One community might have over a LG G2 community.

    The reason I mentioned the bugs of the cyanogen phone's rom is because OnePlus One is NOT a brand-spanking new phone on the scene. A select few people including reviewers and critics got early models just so they could show it off and comment. A general theme among reviews is that OnePlus One has some bugs needing to be ironed out, and that even though it offers some great hardware specs for the price, it ultimately looks and feels like it's price tag. A budget phone is a budget expense, but still feels like a budget experience. You're simply not going to spend $300 on a One Plus One, and feel like its just as good as an HTC M8. I was excited about the OnePlus One myself until I started to hear about it's downfalls.

    What I find is funny is that OnePlus One is supposed to be a budget phone thats 2x less than flagship phones go for, but is selling on ebay for 2-3x more than it's worth, essentially making bidders just pointless idiots paying $800 for a $300 phone when they could have had a REAL nice premium phone for $200 less. If the people here are smart, they'll enter that conest, hope they win, buy that phone, and immediately sell it for 2x it's worth on eBay.
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    Eh maybe. Im watching this.
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