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Aug 3, 2010

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    @prowler_: I hope you aren't pissed that I changed your logo. I made one on the server. -WildWonNow that Minecraft is getting more popular on GBAtemp, Antoligy has made TempCraft. For now, it's only classic mode and it may (I when I mean may, I mean I haven't talked to Antoligy if he is doing it) turn into a SMP server. The rules of this server is the general GBAtemp rules and the general Minecraft rules (e.g. No griefing). You'll need (If you are not familiar with iCraft) List of iCraft cmd's and List of blocks
    Now go build something epic![/p]
    [​IMG] TempCraft server!
    [​IMG] IRC
    [​IMG] Mibbit IRC
    SMP servers
    [​IMG]Spikey's server - Preview of the map;9/10/10 1:40 GMT-7 (Please PM Spikey for building rights or else no building for you!)
    [​IMG]Banger's server

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