Old 3ds wth Sysnand 4.2.0-9U

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    Feb 14, 2015
    I'd like to setup A9LH on an Old 3ds with Sysnand 4.2.0-9u. It has a gateway w/ emunand. I'm going to completely format the console and sd card. I just want to sure, I'm understanding all points before I proceed.

    I'm using the instructions https://3ds.guide will install bootstrop via browswer. One of the items listed to download, is the otherapp payload 11.2.0-35 while my sysnand is 4.2.0-9u. I don't see 4.2.0-9u to download from Smealum's website.
    So do I just download 11.2.0-35u which I would then rename to OLD-11-4-0-37-USA.bin or do I rename it to OLD-4-2-0-9-USA.bin ?

    After completing Section II - Configuring Luma3ds and then system reboots, does the console automatically start from bootstrop + luma?
    Because the next Section III - Updating the System, the first step is to do a System Update which will update to 11.4.0-37. After the system updates to 11.4.0-37, do I remove the files (firmware.bin and cetk) from Step #15 of Section I ? Or do i wait until I've completed all the sections and then remove all unneeded files?