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    Okamiden is the sequel of the hit PS2 and Wii game for the DS. It features a new character, Chibiterasu who is a smaller version of the wolf character in the first Okami called Amaterasu. A goddess in white wolf form. This game apparently takes place almost directly after the original Okami, and inherits its art style and gameplay, utilizing the touch screen to control the celestial brush. This is one gorgeous game, mimicking the graphics of the PS2 and Wii game almost perfectly!

    Anyways, a new trailer was released today, along with a PR about the release date-

    And another gameplay video-

    This was first announced last year, with the game being only about 15% done at that time according to Capcom. It has already come very far from the original demo shown off at TGS. Now for the details-

    ?kamiden: Taking place many months after the events of ?kami®, ?kamiden follows the adventures of Chibiterasu – a young sun god who is summoned to protect and restore the land. Armed with a majestic celestial brush and a vibrant cast of partners with unique powers and abilities, this little god is ready to make its mark on the world. ?kamiden is headed to the Nintendo DS™ in 2011.

    So there you go, a yet-unknown month and day in 2011. Hope they use that time wisely. It's possible it will come to the US sooner. The video shows they haven't started on the translation yet, as the text is subbed.


    EDIT: some new information details-

    - Chibiterasu will need help from in-game characters to accomplish tasks
    - one partner of Chibiterasu is Kumi, son of Issun
    - move via dpad
    - single-button attacks
    - jump button
    - press L or R to activate the celestial brush
    - canvas moves from top to bottom screen
    - partner system used for obstacles and puzzles
    - X makes Kumi jump off of Chibiterasu
    - draw paths to direct your partner
    - partners will open chests and return items to Chibi with no added instructions
    - features new and returning settings
    - enemies are called 'Yokai' and are inspired by Japanese mythology
    - enemies are redesigned for DS
    - new enemies as well
    - roughly 20 hours of gameplay

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    I totally forgot about this game.
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    Okami was already an amazing game and I`m glad, that Capcom decided to localize Okamiden.

    The game looks great and I really welcome it, that not every fight is in a separate arena. I adored the first one so I`m definitely looking forward to the sequel, even if Platinum Games isn`t making it...
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    This... game... is... AWESOME!!!!
    I so wanna play this! Hurry up and translate this, Capcom!
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    I melt down emotionally any time I hear the Okami soundtrack... [​IMG]

    It still looks like one of the most ambitious games for DS. I really hope the controls work.
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    what's the reason they say japan in japanese?
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    I can't wait! I've waited for this!

    Why not? It makes it all that cooler.
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    hyper dystopian dimension
    noticed how good the style looks on ds?
    of course one ofthe better games this year
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    I just added a new gameplay video and a list of released details, i'm sure people will want to see those. [​IMG]
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    can anybody confirm a japanese release date?

    i'm playing the wii version now, so good.