oh, those usb gamecube loaders!

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  1. slitherin96

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    May 22, 2014
    Sofia, Bulgaria
    long story short: softmoded wii, clogged disc tray, 1 gamecube controller, no GC memory card. all I want to do is play wind waker and save my progress. what do I do? (tried Dios Mios- black screen or console shutdown no matter the settings)
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    Turn on NMM in your Usb loader, make sure you are using the correct version of dios mios according to your storage. DM lite for SD, non lite for USB.

    Note for Usb loader gx the one on the official download page is not up to date and will not work correctly with GC games.

    I would also suggest trying Nintendont.
  3. slitherin96

    slitherin96 Member

    May 22, 2014
    Sofia, Bulgaria
    I'm using nintendont now and its very good, but it says that the memory card needs to be formated. what will it format exactly?
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  4. jiBYoNZ

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    Nov 22, 2014
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    I was having a lot of problems getting DiosMios to work, the only game I could get running on it for some reason was Alien Homiod... I tryed several ways and spent quite a few hours trying to get it to work. The net tells me this is the best option and I followed a few tutorials to the t with no success. What a waste of time...

    I saw in the menu a couple options for running gc games, the other two were NintendoNT and Devolution. I tried NintendoNT and it worked straight away and has ever since... Easy to install, just put it in your apps folder and configure the path to it in custom paths option (which should already be correct) and tell USB Loader you want to use NintendoNT instead of DiosMios. Every game works perfect now, also it allows memory card emulation which I hear can be a bit buggy but I have a memory card so I can not tell you about my success with it.

    Anyway, easiest way so far I have found was to use USB Loader GX, with NintendoNT. It also loads of USB :D

    Just note you need the latest rev of USB Loader GX, the earlier ones won't pickup that NintendoNT can now load off usb so it will not load for you.
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