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    Aug 5, 2009
    United States
    ok so i was screwing with my dsi and i had no clue what i was doing ( ya i am stupid )
    we the area around the battery there are 2 holes
    i twisted the screws in the holes and now its all jacked up beyond repair.
    i can still see ( a little bit ) the screen .. buts everything is so much darker and colors are screwed up.
    well i was testing different games pleading to god when god helped me
    i went onto my japaneese coach and pressed my account.
    OMG for a split sec. the screens were perfectly fine.
    so i went to my friends house and did the same on his dsl.
    i realized what happened was the good old special effect of brighting the sceen [​IMG]
    for some reason it fixed the collor problems to ... durring the effect.

    would someone be able to make an unofficial update to my acekard that will have a permenant brighting effect while in the acekard menu...
    if so it would also be great if it could be done to games to.
    plz email me if you can help... [email protected]
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