of USB loading and external drives

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    so I'm gonna switch to using an external HDD for backups rather than DVDs (something i should have done when i had less games :\

    anyway, I had a few questions... I think Configurable USB Loader is what I'm planning on using as a loader, but I was wondering if (within this or on any other loader) can you install games to the hdd from the wii itself? or do i have to do this on my computer?

    also, is there a particular brand of HDD that is preferred for this? or should any drive work fine?

    Also... I know there was just a topic on this, but between NTFS FAT and WBFS which should i use? since i plan to install games from the wii NTFS sounds like a pain (though, really there are some good NNTFS r/w drivers for linux... but anyway, I know wbfs has a 500 game limit, that isn't really an issue for me... I have like 20 or 30 something right now, and the 4GB limit in FAT sounds like a pain... most ISOs scrub down to 3gbs, but what do you do for shit like metroid other m?
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    Aug 23, 2010
    i use ntfs and transfer game with help computers, metroid other m work fine
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    OK simple fix. Go with FAT32 and cfg loader.

    I would have rev20 installed.

    Then just put your games (dvd backups) into the wii. Start CFG loader. Press +. Then install the game. If the game is huge like Metroid Other M it will split the files into managable chunks. No issues.


    Also NTFS seems great at first but currently emulators and some other wii applications only use FAT32. So you can have a FAT32 drive with all your wii games and other stuff (videos roms, etc). Triiforce also only uses FAT32 I believe so that puts Wiiware out the window with NTFS.

    Even if you aren't doing that now maybe down the road you will want those things and you will be screwed with files stuck on the NTFS drive.