Odd USB Storage Options

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    so a teensy bit of Offtopic prelude but, i do have a fair deal of vintage PC hardware, including outdated/obsolete storage mediums. I happen to have the 2nd gen USB variant of the imation SuperDisk Drive (LS120). and while i was playing Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy on the PS4, and working on restoring a vintage laptop i had the S&G's rando idea to see if it'd work on the PS4.

    surprisingly it does, and will recognize both a standard floppy when inserted and a SuperDisk with correct capacities. i can only surmise this might be because maybe the Drive presents as a generic USB Removable Storage Device (i just found it hilarious it works and would even format a LS120 disk to exFAT, its slow but does work! ) i guess if thats how its presented then iomega ZipDisk drives would work the same way. all very inefficient but funny none the less.