Odd behavior just happened with my Switch

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    To start, I'm running Atmosphere 0.8.5, using it for nothing other than FTP background access and homebrew. Every time I play a game then stop, I always close the game before I put the system to sleep. I don't leave them suspended.

    So I was playing World of Final Fantasy (legit purchase), and the audio began to get a little bit on the static-side. Pressed the home button, thinking it was the game, but even the Home Menu had that touch. Started getting a little worse, so I put my system into sleep mode and tried a movie through Plex on my Smart TV. No sound problems. Took my Switch out of sleep mode, and it still had the problem. Thought it was the switch box I use because of limited HDMI ports on the TV, so back to sleep my Switch went and turned on my Wii U. My Wii U no issues. So went back to wake my Switch again with my Pro controller, but it wasn't connecting, nor did my Switch in the dock do anything. Went to the dock, and the screen was all black and lit. Took it out and began holding the power button to do a forced shutdown, but then the Hetake menu popped up. Dunno if my Switch crashed or rebooted all by itself, but I loaded up the CFW again, and now everything seems in order. Looked into the Atmosphere crash report folder on my microSD, and found 3 instances from today (though they are marked about 7 hours ago when it was not in use as I was sleeping).

    If there is something to be found in those logs, where should I send them to, or if there's anything particular I should look into to report here, what should that be?
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    With what just happened I think that's a normal dilemma of cause, as for what happened in the game, afaik the functionality of hearing static noise in final fantasy vi is common because it was originally a PS1 title (the same cause and dilemma with world of final fantasy.) But its a very rare occurance that happened to eastern units of PSX, if were talking about a different game.

    If you transferred off of your FTP its likely that all the files didin't transfer, or they did they were just not seasoned enough. But your FTP shouldn't be the problem.

    The only thing I can think of is doing legit installs of the game by downloading its original (like you did.) But why that happened I don't noh.

    You should probably start by looking at the certificate of the title (if you can on a PC.) Re-insert a certificate by verifying it, and if you want to go into the systems back log you would have to look at all the play history and the integreity of files on each one.

    If you wanted to be more detailed youcan try to refine the titles yourself by giving the title a custom id of your own. Just do not publish the application to other people.

    It probably had something to do with your TV, Wii U Gamepad, or the system dock, but if its none of those then it would have had to been from an original source way outside of somewhere, and if its not, then the only way to trace back and follow is going from square a to b by taking outside and inside sources and fiddling with them or changing them until the correct encryption data matches with the fedelitcy of what has actually happened, but even that isint enough to stop or hault, why, how, who, when,. Why your console rebooted on purpose or not, which still questions the legal jeopardy and situations... But if it works it works,.

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    This remains also true because I have booted tloz botw on my switch on 3.0.2 FW and found out that the application was running for more than 7 or 8 hours without being in sleep mode with the battery off (I even tested it with one of the power cables or surges I had with my dad. And he confirmed this.) So if you likely have the game you should always...

    Clear your online data intergration. And that's where things get even more tense, but if you want to experiment more you can even distribute the software used for the eshop and see how far or long it takes to run an intergrated program... And that's all I can really say or tell you for what happened because the fedellity of fusee-gulee or any outside source shouldn't be the problem for why something happened or occurred with the static noise.

    Unless, somehow, the sound data was corrupted, which if you wanted to be really technical you could try finding the outside source of the bits and bytes used in the data, otherwise I have no other words. I have expiremented and could probably confirm that sound has its own written file for sound and data if its below or under 8mb of data or intergration.
    In other words nothing probably happened if you want the true and absolute straight facts, straight as you can get answer to dilemma or dileminization.
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