Objective-C on the Nintendo 3DS

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    Mar 20, 2016
    I just finished porting my Objective-C framework called ObjFW to the Nintendo 3DS and thought maybe some people might be interested :). It also works on the Nintendo DS, the Wii and the PSP (among others), so it is quite useful if you want to write portable games. Obviously, it also supports all the "boring" systems like Windows, Linux and Mac OS X ;). Wii U support might be the next thing I add.

    All that's required for it on the 3DS is devkitARM and ctrulib (I just built the latest one from GitHub). The included tests can just be copied to an SD card if you want to give it a quick go - you might need to change the tests.xml though to add more tiles, as it requires more space for the tests binary than is provided by the downloader app into which Homebrew gets injected by default. I only tested with 10.5.0 on the european YouTube app and on 9.2 with Majora's Mask (EU).

    Support for threads and sockets is currently missing, but I'll work on this and it should be supported very soon. If there's demand for implementing 3DS-specific features, I'm also very open to implementing them :).
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