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    Oct 21, 2005
    So i have an O3DS XL White with some issues.

    Story first:
    I bought a second hand 3DSXL 9.2 (€120) (was hard modded, but for some reason he removed everything) some time ago and all was working great till it started to have SD issues (see below) so after some months i got tired of it and put it away (i had other systems). While browsing some second hand sites i found another 3DSXL (White Mariokart edition) not to far away, €100, as always i never let it ship if it's less then 45minute drive, i like to see my things i buy when it's not to far away, all was ok, until testing the camera, that was broke and it had some touchscreen issues. For the rest it was perfectly fine and it looked brand new, still on some 7.x FW so after some talking i got it for €50.
    Comming home, i decided to replace the motherboard from the white 3DSXL with the motherboard from the 3DSXL with SD problems, ending up with a perfectly fine working 3DSXL (yes everything worked, sd, touchscreen, camera) and since it was on 7.1 i upgraded to 9.2 etc...)

    So i was left with a white 3DSXL with broken camera and the pcb from the other system, so i put the pcb with sd problems in it and put it back togheter, leaving me with a 3dsxl with broken camera, half working touchscreen and sd reading problems. This system i have let it check out and the touchscreen was repaired and as it was there hardmodded again to, it had no sd reading problems while it was in repair (with a hardmodder, not Nintendo) i think.

    Anyway thats the story about it. So i never checked it out again after having to much sd problems again and since i got other working systems. Then i decided to use it for checking out Nintendo latest updates on it first before trying anything else :) and now i decided, why not put a question on gbatemp and see if i can use it somehow again for better usage

    I flashed my 9.2 backup NAND via hardmod again on it, i had a fully system format to start clean and while trying to download some eshop stuff sd problems where there again, so i waited 14 days and got an emunand setup and updated to 10.3 and downloaded the free eshop games.

    So it's fully setup for CFW and Homebrew, sysnand unlinked with Tinyformat etc... and after 2 days sd problems again.

    1. Camera
    - I know the camera is broken, when trying to enter it crashes back to the homescreen with a message to contact Nintendo.
    - I don't plan on fixing this, i don't need it (I have CN and OoT as cartridge to enter HBL)

    2. SD card reader (biggest issue)
    - It has problems reading the SD when but not always.
    For example:
    * i power on the 3ds and all icons are gone, just the system ones that don't need sd access
    * I get that message from no sd
    * when removing SD (with power on still) i get the message sd is removed, but when i put it back in, nothing and when i remove it again i get the message again from removing sd
    * I can try whole day no SD found, i can try few days after each other, same problem
    * When i leave the 3DS off for 2 weeks (minimum 2 weeks) it suddenly reads the SD again, this can be for a whole day or 2 days or only for an hour or less.
    * i don't have to do anything if i leave it on, it can suddenly display the message that my sd was removed and then i can't do anything again

    It wierd, like said 14 days or longer, if i try within the 2 week wait it still can't read the sd
    Now the longest i was able to play was 3 days.

    Anyway, so every 14 days i can play it for about 30min. or 3 days :)

    I don't expect a solution, but if i don't ask, i will never know :D
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