Hacking NTR Cheats and Luma Updates


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Apr 5, 2009
United States
i havent used my 3DS in quite some time since i primarily moved to my switch and PS4, and delegating my emulation to a hand-made Portible-Pi4 (it's janky kinda, and i haveto update frequently due to the "in flux" nature atm for RetroArch/Cores/Pi4 FW and linux kernel). A Friend recently prodded me to try Fire Emblem Fates and i was looking at everything i needed to update my 3DS on, (luma, NTR, etc) to see Luma 10.xx droped NTR support entirely.

is there ways to convert my existing plugins? can i chainload between 10.xx and 9.1 for anything i cant/is broken via Sharkive? or do i now haveto hunt for all my game's old NTR plugin's source and make luma format .txt files? my PC isnt exactly "Current/Last generation Emulation friendly (AMD FX 8320E / GTX 1650) Citra last i tried before getting the new videocard, ran like crap, and if im going to get hooked into this or start replying games again i'd like to use the 3DS for mobility/portability instead.

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