RELEASE NSZ Title Compression Results

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    As many of you already know, I executed @nicoboss ' NSP compression idea in Tinfoil 5.00. The main reason I implemented it, was to increase install speed over wifi. However it also saves storage space, and reduces network transfer times from cloud storage.

    Most NSZ's will install faster over wifi, than Goldleaf can install the NSP over USB.

    Average compression was 58% across the library. I believe most of these are at level 17 compression, not max 22.

    Here is a CSV file with individual title compression results:

    I am so happy to be apart of this welcoming, inclusive scene, where people could put away petty differences to come together to accomplish awesome things. Together we can move mountains!

    edit: link to info and sample scripts for compressing and decompressing:

    edit2: updated stats zip to include most data saved.

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe [0100152000022000][v0].nsz,-2.1 GB
    GRANDIA HD Collection [0100E0600BBC8000][v0].nsz,-2.1 GB
    Anima Gate of Memories [0100706005B6A000][v0].nsz,-2.1 GB
    Please Teach Me Onedari Shogi [0100F2C00EED4000][v0].nsz,-2.1 GB
    Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom [01006F7001D10000][v0].nsz,-2.1 GB
    Forgotton Anne [010059E00B93C000][v0].nsz,-2.1 GB
    Mulaka [0100211005E94000][v0].nsz,-2.1 GB
    Aqua Moto Racing Utopia [0100D0D00516A000][v0].nsz,-2.2 GB
    Nights of Azure 2 Bride of the New Moon [0100628004BCE000][v0].nsz,-2.2 GB
    EARTHLOCK [01006E50042EA000][v0].nsz,-2.2 GB
    Fall of Light Darkest Edition [01005A600BE60000][v0].nsz,-2.2 GB
    PLANET ALPHA [010003C0099EE000][v0].nsz,-2.2 GB
    Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate [0100770008DD8000][v0].nsz,-2.2 GB
    Nippon Marathon [0100EF5008FC4000][v0].nsz,-2.2 GB
    Star Story The Horizon Escape [0100D7000AE6A000][v0].nsz,-2.2 GB
    Robot Squad Simulator [01001B800D742000][v0].nsz,-2.2 GB
    Bulletstorm Duke of Switch Edition [01003DD00D658000][v0].nsz,-2.2 GB
    Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen [010032C00AC58000][v0].nsz,-2.3 GB
    Disgaea 1 Complete [01004B100AF18000][v0].nsz,-2.3 GB
    Serial Cleaner [0100818008004000][v0].nsz,-2.3 GB
    Baobabs Mausoleum Ep 2 1313 Barnabas Dead End Drive [010079300E976000][v0].nsz,-2.3 GB
    Azure Reflections [01006FB00990E000][v0].nsz,-2.3 GB
    Atelier Lulua The Scion of Arland [0100B1400CD50000][v0].nsz,-2.4 GB
    GRIS [0100E1700C31C000][v0].nsz,-2.4 GB
    Pumped BMX Pro [01009AE00B788000][v0].nsz,-2.4 GB
    Crossing Souls [0100B1E00AA56000][v0].nsz,-2.4 GB
    Baobabs Mausoleum Ep 1 Ovnifagos Don't Eat Flamingos [0100425009FB2000][v0].nsz,-2.4 GB
    Bendy and the Ink Machine [010074500BBC4000][v0].nsz,-2.4 GB
    MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3 The Black Order [010060700AC50000][v0].nsz,-2.5 GB
    FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE [0100EB100AB42000][v0].nsz,-2.5 GB
    Alien Cruise [0100A2E00D0E0000][v0].nsz,-2.5 GB
    Crazy Strike Bowling EX [01006BC00C27A000][v0].nsz,-2.5 GB
    Furi [01009D3008D20000][v0].nsz,-2.5 GB
    My Friend Pedro Blood Bullets Bananas [010031200B94C000][v0].nsz,-2.6 GB
    Gal Metal [010048600B14E000][v0].nsz,-2.6 GB
    Detective Gallo [01009C0009842000][v0].nsz,-2.6 GB
    Disgaea 5 Complete [01005700031AE000][v0].nsz,-2.6 GB
    Jotun Valhalla Edition [0100340009736000][v0].nsz,-2.6 GB
    Little Friends Dogs & Cats [010079A00D9E8000][v0].nsz,-2.7 GB
    SENRAN KAGURA Peach Ball [0100D1800D902000][v0].nsz,-2.8 GB
    Mother Russia Bleeds [0100D9C00AA52000][v0].nsz,-2.8 GB
    MachiKnights -Blood bagos- [0100F2400D434000][v0].nsz,-2.8 GB
    NARUTO SHIPPUDEN Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy [0100EC800800C000][v0].nsz,-2.8 GB
    Omensight Definitive Edition [0100CDC00C40A000][v0].nsz,-2.8 GB
    Amnesia Collection [01003CC00D0BE000][v0].nsz,-2.8 GB
    Apocalipsis Wormwood Edition [01008FC00C5BC000][v0].nsz,-2.8 GB
    Blasphemous [0100698009C6E000][v0].nsz,-2.9 GB
    Phantaruk [0100DDD00C0EA000][v0].nsz,-2.9 GB
    KILL la KILL -IF [0100FB400D832000][v0].nsz,-2.9 GB
    Anima Gate of Memories - Arcane Edition [010033F00B3FA000][v0].nsz,-3.1 GB
    Shelter Generations [01009EB004CB0000][v0].nsz,-3.1 GB
    Nelly Cootalot [01005F000B784000][v0].nsz,-3.1 GB
    Mr Shifty [010031F002B66000][v0].nsz,-3.1 GB
    Hollow Knight [0100633007D48000][v0].nsz,-3.1 GB
    Masquerada Songs and Shadows [0100113008262000][v0].nsz,-3.2 GB
    Hard West [0100ECE00D13E000][v0].nsz,-3.2 GB
    Atelier Meruru The Apprentice of Arland DX [0100ADD00C6FA000][v0].nsz,-3.3 GB
    Fear Effect Sedna [01005AC0068F6000][v0].nsz,-3.3 GB
    Hover [0100F6800910A000][v0].nsz,-3.3 GB
    Big Crown Showdown [010088100C35E000][v0].nsz,-3.4 GB
    Silence [0100F1400B0D6000][v0].nsz,-3.4 GB
    BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE [0100B61008208000][v0].nsz,-3.4 GB
    Shift Happens [0100B1000AC3A000][v0].nsz,-3.5 GB
    Perception [0100563005B70000][v0].nsz,-3.5 GB
    Resident Evil 4 [010099A00BC1E000][v0].nsz,-3.5 GB
    Exception [0100F2D00C7DE000][v0].nsz,-3.6 GB
    Petoons Party [010044400EEAE000][v0].nsz,-3.6 GB
    GIRLS UND PANZER DREAM TANK MATCH DX [01006DD00CC96000][v0].nsz,-3.6 GB
    PC Building Simulator [010072800CBE8000][v0].nsz,-3.6 GB
    OKAMI HD [0100276009872000][v0].nsz,-3.6 GB
    Atelier Totori The Adventurer of Arland DX [01009BC00C6F6000][v0].nsz,-3.7 GB
    R B I Baseball 18 [01005CC007616000][v0].nsz,-3.8 GB
    Shadow Blade Reload [0100D5500DA94000][v0].nsz,-3.8 GB
    Away Journey To The Unexpected [01002F1005F3C000][v0].nsz,-3.8 GB
    Guts & Glory [01005E5009EF2000][v0].nsz,-3.9 GB
    DOOM 3 [010029D00E740000][v0].nsz,-3.9 GB
    Atelier Lydie & Suelle The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings [010009900947A000][v0].nsz,-3.9 GB
    Atelier Arland series Deluxe Pack [010088600C66E000][v0].nsz,-3.9 GB
    Hunting Simulator [0100C460040EA000][v0].nsz,-3.9 GB
    Ginger Beyond the Crystal [0100C50007070000][v0].nsz,-4.0 GB
    Gear Club Unlimited [010065E003FD8000][v0].nsz,-4.2 GB
    LEGRAND LEGACY Tale of the Fatebounds [0100E7500BF84000][v0].nsz,-4.3 GB
    Assassins Creed III Remastered [01007F600B134000][v0].nsz,-4.6 GB
    South Park The Fractured but Whole - Standard Edition [01008F2005154000][v0].nsz,-4.9 GB
    Devil May Cry [0100E8000D5B8000][v0].nsz,-5.0 GB
    Onimusha Warlords [0100416008A12000][v0].nsz,-5.0 GB
    Meow Motors [0100EBE00D5B0000][v0].nsz,-5.1 GB
    Go Vacation [0100C1800A9B6000][v0].nsz,-5.1 GB
    Night in the Woods [0100921006A04000][v0].nsz,-5.3 GB
    ARK Survival Evolved [0100D4A00B284000][v0].nsz,-5.8 GB
    Fire Emblem Warriors [0100F15003E64000][v0].nsz,-5.9 GB
    Pillars of Eternity Complete Edition [0100D6200E130000][v0].nsz,-6.0 GB
    SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions [0100E0C00ADAC000][v0].nsz,-6.0 GB
    Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice [010044500CF8E000][v0].nsz,-6.1 GB
    Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition [0100AE00096EA000][v0].nsz,-6.3 GB
    Golem Gates [01003C000D84C000][v0].nsz,-6.8 GB
    Lust for Darkness [0100F3100EB44000][v0].nsz,-6.8 GB
    SINNER Sacrifice for Redemption [0100B16009C10000][v0].nsz,-7.4 GB
    L A Noire [0100830004FB6000][v0].nsz,-7.7 GB
    SmuggleCraft [0100C4200B820000][v0].nsz,-8.3 GB
    Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists ~Ateliers of the New World~ [01006ED00BC76000][v0].nsz,-8.9 GB
    Observer [01002A000C478000][v0].nsz,-12.3 GB

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    My Room
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    Congratulations to all involved!

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    @blawar - I hope you somehow don't manage to fook this project up by adding some DRM crap that nobody wants or needs. However thanks for your input.
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    Be a bad guy for those who need you. Thanks heaps for updating Lithium for custom XCI support.:grog:
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    Nice stuff! Keep it up Blawar
  7. eyeliner

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    Feb 17, 2006
    Is the percentage the space gained or the compression achieved?
    If it is the resulting file size, holy damn, some games became miniscule.

    Good job!
  8. chrisfand

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    Only the best title installers have this feature :yay:
  9. blawar

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    it’s percentage of original. 100% = no compression, 0% = infinite compression
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  10. eyeliner

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    Feb 17, 2006
    Some impressive results. Thanks for the tool.
  11. CyrusVN

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    Doing the lord's work thank you brah
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    Blawar, I'm your fan, you're my Trump, build a great wall for those who use vanilla atmosphere. And make atmosphere great again.
  13. JRoad

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    It's really impressive, blawar never stops surprising me with his software.
  14. linuxares

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    Aug 5, 2007
    Nicely done! That's some impressive stats for sure!
    Now we need a way to load the compressed files directly :P (I know it's not possible with the standard OS. This is a joke)
  15. Reploid

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    a joke. For now.
  16. linuxares

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    Aug 5, 2007
    Hopefully for now! I think it might be fezable but it's probably a bigger chance to get a XCZ working.

    I took the liberty to split the results in to collums so it's easier to read. Just resize your collums and the odd numbers should fix themselves (Except on the IDs for some reason... I didn't care enough to try to fix it :P)

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    May 5, 2011
    I read proposed ncz file format and do not understand - in what cases there can be more than one section? I thought all nca content is encrypted with the same key. (or not encrypted at all).
  18. masagrator

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    Oct 14, 2018
    NCZ is just compressed NCA with untouched header. Encryption is still there untouched.
  19. JRoad

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    May 18, 2018
    The header uses the header key and the body the keyblock for standard crypto and the decrypted titlekey for titlerights crypto.
    The sections are 2pfs0s in base program ncas and a romfs. 1 pfs0 is the logo section which is decrypted, the other is the exefs encrypted with AES ctr using the keyblock\titlekey, the romfs is encrypted the same. While the encryption is the same the way to plaintext those sections is different.
    Other ncas have less sections that can be one or another and updates use bktr which is a pain in the ass, which is the reason why it's taking a little longer for the spec to support them.
    You can read most of this information in switchbrew if you're interested.
  20. lordelan

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    Jan 4, 2015
    4 % of original NSP size? How is that even possible, wtf.
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