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    Jul 10, 2020
    Hello all, I’m a 15 year old and I am new to modding/hacking my consoles. I homebrewed and put CFW on my old 3ds on 11.13.0 and I’m having troubles playing nintendogs + cats.
    I know you’re all going to say that this problem has been answered many times, but I’ve read all the threads and it doesn’t work for me.
    (This is a little lengthy, but I didn’t want to leave any information out, so bare with me)
    First, i install the nintendogs .cia file with FBI, like all other games. And it successfully installs but once I play it, it gets stuck on the running dog loading screen, and forces me to shut off my console.
    This is supposedly caused by the incorrect region.
    And I’ve read all the threads on how to fix this, but it just doesn’t work for me.
    I need a step by step for where the Luma folder is, the path, the folder structure, and what the txt file needs to look like for the region and language code.
    (Preferably a literal example of what mine should look like, with the provided information I have down a little ways)

    The threads say the path is /luma/titles/TID/ or /luma/locales/
    I don’t know which one, as they are both out there. And I’ve tried both, neither are successful.
    I am also confused as to where the “/luma” folder is. Is it the one on the root of the SD card?
    Or am I in the complete wrong spot.
    If it is that one, do I have to create the “/titles” or “/locales” folder?
    Because I had to.
    And I’ve seen an example on how to do this on another thread and it was something like this.
    “/luma/titles/0004000000032158” (the number I chose was random so don’t think too hard about that.)
    But I’m just wondering if that is the correct path. As it said it is was /luma/titles/TID.
    Does the games title id replace the /TID? (Which I’m pretty sure means title id anyways)
    And where does the txt file go? In the long numbers folder?

    For example my game file is “nintendogs + cats: toy poodle” and the title id is “0004000000031600” and when I install the .cia in FBI, it shows that the games region is “Europe, Australia”
    Is the txt file that I am supposed to make meant to match the games region, or the region of my ds?
    Which is USA by the way.

    I hope this was enough information, I basically just want a noob version of how to fix the nintendogs region load error thing.
    Step by step.
    And tell me which /luma folder everyone is talking about, please. The one on the root?
    Thank you for reading, I hope someone can help.
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    Aug 19, 2015
    United Kingdom
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    Apr 19, 2011
    Thanks so much that worked perfect this is the posters dad. . Lol.
    I forgot I was a member here.we spent 3 days trying to figure this out. I just looked at the file path and how it was created. We where close just had a couple things mixed up.
    Thanks again. The game works. She can’t post more than once in 24 hours her account is restricted still. Anyways just wanted to say thanks for the help. We’re all good now. , It’s her turn to learn this stuff on her own. I can’t keep up with all this stuff anymore. ,, AKAIO and acekard. Was my thing. Haha

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    Mar 28, 2018
    Good to hear the 3DS problem is solved.

    The "one in 24 hours" limit applies to new threads (to prevent bots that successfully created an account from spamming the whole forum with nonsense threads). Replying should be possible multiple times. If replying does not work for you, @Trista ,
    please contact a supervisor to have the account validated manually,


    Both of you: Good luck and have fun!
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