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    Hi all, I'm looking for help on a question I have. A few months ago, I went ahead and installed cfw on my n3ds. Now I've been looking into getting a PS Vita to do the same but I have a problem. When I worked on the 3ds, I followed that guide that's considered the bible when it comes to cfw on the 3ds. However, I can't seem to find an alternative version of one for the PS Vita so as a noob, where do I look? Better yet, since I want to play PS1 games on it (mainly the Crash trilogy) would you still recommend the Vita, the PSP or even something like a GPD XD GamePad Portable? Constructive feedback will be appreciated.
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    Oh, this thread 'I search for a easy guide to Vita hacking and a PS1 handheld emulation recommendation' isn't really long winded :P

    Now to your questions.
    If you're on firmware (FW) version<=3.61 you're out of luck to play PS1 games with sound. For playing it without sound click here.

    If your're on FW<=3.20. Take a look here and if needed update to 3.20.

    Is you're on 3.20<FW version<3.60 click here and welcome to the shiny world of FW 3.60.

    If your Vita is on 3.60 (no matter if you updated with the last link or your Vita already was on 3.60) go to on your Vita and press the install button and follow the instructions. You need to do that everytime you start your Vita.
    You now can upload homebrew installer on your Vita using a FTP program such as FileZilla.
    Open the program ModecularShell (was installed with the hack on your Vita) and press select to start the FTP server on your Vita and finding out the IP you should connect to.
    Once you uploaded a homebrew installer (upload them to ux0 or even a folder within ux0 for homebrew uploades. ux0 is your memorycard or if no memorycard is in your Vita it's the internal memory in case of a slim model) you can install it with ModecularShell (navigate to it and press the X button).
    I recommand to install the Offline Installer (further instructions for installing it on the linked site. You should read it). This way you can use a E-Mail in your E-Mail program on your Vita instead of needing to go online on to reenable the hack after a reboot.
    Now there a three options to play PS1 games on your Vita with FW3.60
    1. Install RetroArch (I recommand to install the large all-in-one vpk instead of just the PS1 vpk if you want to play with other emulators too. I recommand to try this one. If the performance isn't good enough for your game I recommand 3.)
    2. Installing ARK (you won't have any sound...)
    3. Wait for the Adrenaline release with PS1 support (sadly that is abit delayed and could need another month before releasing...)

    As for the question of using Vita or something else for PS1 emulation, I think you should use a PSP if you own one until the new Adrenaline version is released if your games don't run fullspeed with the PS1 RetroArch core.
    If you own a PSP I recommend play PS1 games on it until the new Adrenaline version is released.
    If you don't own a PSP and the performance for PS1 games with RetroArch is to bad for your games, I recommand to only buy something else e.g. PSP for emulation if you really need/want it now. E.g. because you travel somewhere in the next days/weeks and utterly need a portable PS1 system.
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    Alright, I have a patience so I can use Retroarch while I wait for the new Adrenaline release. Thanks for the input.