noob: Problems Region freeing my wii

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by krisGbs, May 17, 2014.

  1. krisGbs

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    May 17, 2014

    I just installed Home Brew and Boot2 on my v4.3E Wii.

    I have two Original games form the USA that i want to play direct from the CD.
    But the wii menu does not read the disc I assume its region issue.

    How do I get this to play direct from the CD.

  2. HNKii

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    Jan 28, 2014
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    Install priiloader and get the Region Free Hack.
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    The 1st thing to do with BootMii boot2(which i hope you meant with "boot2") is to start that and make a backup of your nand. And then store the nand on your PC's HDD and never delete it.

    This might only work for about half the games. I don't know if the region free hack in priiloader is a proper hack or a hack(...). If you want full compatibility between PAL and NTSC, you might need to use a loader. Gecko OS or NeoGamma with the default/disc video mode selected should work fine. Especially if the Wii's system menu language is set to english, which all games from both regions should like. On NeoGamma you might also to check the "use correct IOS" option(or similar) to ensure that the game uses the correct IOS. Note: NeoGamma does not require to have a cIOS installed, unlike some people might think. Using a loader has the advantage that you don't need to mess with the system, as you just need to launch it from the HBC, nothing else.

    The reason for the possible incompatiblity with the priiloader region free hack is the video mode. Although most if not all games contain code to run in PAL and NTSC, but about half of them don't work, if they are started in the wrong video mode. If you have a PAL system menu, all games might be started in PAL video mode, thus some NTSC games will crash.

    If you are using component cables and the video mode is set to progressive(480p), the region shouldn't matter so much. Well, you still need a way around the region check of the system menu, so either said hack, or using a loader. If you are using a rgb cable, you will end up with a redish picture on NTSC games, if they are started in NTSC video mode. There are ways to force PAL and patch PAL video modes into games, using loaders, but they don't work for all games.

    Short: The fastest and safest way to start your import games is to just use Gecko OS or NeoGamma from HBC. The settings that make import games work should be the default ones.