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    Jul 12, 2017
    Purchasing a 2ds some time this week and I would like to know about the modding scene before I dive head in.

    1. Can you get banned for home brewing a 3ds? And how do you prevent it?

    2. Whats a cfw?

    3. Is there any cheat engines for the current Pokémon ganes that doesn't require action replay? If so what can I do with (YouTube link would be nice)? I'll mainly be cloning, maxing out items, and making certain Pokémons shiny.

    4. Can I homebrew a 2ds using an android tablet instead of a pc?

    5. On a scale of 1-10 how easy is it to home brew a 2ds?

    If I have anymore questions, I'll post them down below.
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    Jul 12, 2017
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    I'll try to help answer these the best I can :)

    1. As far as I know there haven't been bans from putting homebrew on a 3ds, but cfw is another story.

    2.CFW stands for Custom Firmware, it basically allows you to access more than intended on your 2ds/3ds. There are hard working developers always creating new tools that allow you to better customize your device. I'd have to say its probably mainly used for cheating in games and piracy.

    3. As far as I know, there is one application that is similar to an action replay, and I believe its NTR cfw that allows for things like plugins for a game. I've seen and tried NTR Selector, and that allows you to select a specific version of NTR, but there are databases that hold codes made for this.

    4. Theoretically, if you were using a Micro SD to SD adapter, you may be able to put homebrew on your 2ds/3ds, but you will still need an exploit for it, and the exploit may or may not work depending on which version your 2ds/3ds is.

    5. If you have the right tools and exploits, its not hard at all to homebrew a 2ds/3ds. There are many exploits available for older firmware version that are now patched in newer versions, and eventually more will be released.

    I hope this helps. Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, as I was just trying to help based off of my own knowledge so far :)
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    1.) Homebrew is far from illegal, but yes, you can (I think) get banned from online play. To prevent this, turn off SpotPass stuff in the System Settings.

    2.) Custom firmware. It allows you to install CIAs. CIA files contain DLC, games, apps and DSiWare.

    3.) Action... Replay? You do know that this is NOT DSi, right? And as far as I know, yes. The YouTube links, well, just look them up...

    4.) I think it may be possible.

    5.) 1. It's extremely easy depending on your firmware. As far as I know, If you are on almost anything below 11.4, it's extremely easy. Please note that CFW and Homebrew IS NOT THE SAME. Homebrew doesn't allow installing of CIA files, only "legit" CIA files. They are the official ones, so if you want to install pirated games, go ahead, but then you won't be able to install necessary applications to launch certain older flashcarts or use unofficial tools/apps.

    EDIT: Oh, and if you want a guide to hack your system, follow .
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