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    Aug 17, 2016
    United States
    So after a Long Rest I decided to have some fun with my old buddy Mr WIIU.. I hacked it ages ago 3 years I think.. Finished a few games Zelda BOTW and a few others... And it been sitting there until last week... I actually felt like playing some Wii Original games..... Metroid Trilogy... Godfather black hand edition.. Wii sports ect... I always do like wii mote games... Especially racing ones....
    Anyways.... I have a 1 TB of games about 80 GameCube ones.. So I thought I'd update Nintendont and give them a play... When I did my settings I put WIIU wide-screen On and force Wide-screen... But it's got black boarders all around the screen... ( which I hate) so I turned force wide screen OFF.. But left WIIU wide-screen ON.. It's a bit better but still boarders....
    You see I remember doing this on my Original Wii I had the same issue.. It Would not Save my Settings.... Unless after settings I would load SoulCaliber... From SD Card... In game do a save then all my settings Stayed!..
    But on WIIU... This method doesn't work because after I try and load from SD card... It just doesn't load... ... All my games are on my 1TB hard drive.... So I'm kinda stumped.. On how to make the Resolution Setting Stay...
    Any ideas...
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