Nintendont not recognizing newly downloaded game isos?

Discussion in 'Wii U - Homebrew' started by Zonner, Nov 6, 2019.

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    Apr 4, 2019
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    Ok so my Hombrewed Wii u has been running GameCube isos since about june-july. I decided to add more games to nintendont using the exact same method as before and they aren't showing up. The games I already had before are still there so i find it weird that nintendont just decided not to read the new isos I downloaded. The isos have the "game.iso" and I put them in the correct folders. I even tried formatting my 64 sd like I did before to no avail. Anybody had any similar problems? Solutions?
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    Oct 20, 2017
    "Nintendon`t" program still has bugs dude. Maybe try formatting your SD card new. Or try other games. Maybe your Roms are corrupt.

    But like i said: This program is a beta as far as i know. In my opinion i would not risk it using it to break my WiiU.

    I recently found out why using Forwarders on WiiU in general is dangerous. If the arm-cpu in WiIu breaks your WiiU will turn into a brick dude.

    And such chips easily can break after a few years of heavy usage. It just depends. Some people in this forum here said their WiiU had worked years long with Gamecube-games and then from one day to another stopped working. There you know it´s their dying WiiU not on the program/game/SD-card.

    But in your case it´s either your sd-card that´s just getting bad sectors.

    or your WiiU is damaged (which may happen! We had cases here allready which said their "GXLoader" killed/damaged their WiiU! Or one of the WiiU´s back-ports (which is very important for the PPC-cpu (vWii-mode) to work) got damaged through too heavy use of that tool and/or with using that overclocking-tool of the WIiU`s PPC. or your Rom is faulty.

    You only have these 3 methods to go through. If it isn´t any of these then there is simply a bug. And you have to send them a bug-report then to fix it.

    So if i were you i would start with the ROM.

    a) Make sure it´s a good, working rom. Just download another and make sure it´s correct.
    b) Then make a surface-test of your SD-card.
    c) If all these don´t work then your WiiU is damaged and/or there is a severe bug which hasn´t been patched. In order to find out if it´s your Wiiu you can try the same file on another WiiU (or use a friend`s one) to see if it crashes there too or doesn´t show the games. And if it works there your WiiU is damaged.
    But it´s doubtful your WiiU is damaged here.

    Just be careful whenever you use the "GXloader" dude. It can kill the USB-ports of WiiU (which is very bad for the WiiU´s PPC since it uses that same VRM if you ask me, taht means if you overload the USB-ports of WiiU on the backside, you fry the PPC-cpu as well).
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    There is very little chance forwarders or Nintendont will brick your console. There is no overclocking or anything like that going on, the hardware is being used the way it's intended - to run games.
    I have not heard a single report of bricking as a result of running games, no matter the game, they have all been from people messing with the NAND and screwing something up, such as overwriting CBHC.
    Considering you don't even know what it's called (there is no such thing as GXLoader) I kind of find it hard to believe that you know what you're talking about.
    You won't kill the USB ports by using USB loaders. You can kill the HDD though, if you don't use a Y-cable or an externally powered HDD, and it can't get enough power causing the motor to have issues spinning up and wearing itself out. Using a self powered HDD without a Y-cable isn't recommended, and in most cases, won't work at all, but as long as you have one, there is no risk.
    Who has ever heard of USB ports killing themselves from being used in the intended way? They are designed to be used.
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    Oct 20, 2017

    Like i said: Somebody here in the forum used the GX-Loader software...oced the WiiU´s PPC cpu with the script...ran Nintendont. And one day...he came here and complained his WiiU can no longer start. He said it just doesn´t hop into "vWii-Mode" any longer. He can now just use the WiiU-mode and it no longer (yes even if you press the b-button and hop directly into vWii-mode => blackscreen => WiiU-mode). displaying anything in vWii-mode.

    I told him his vWii is broken. Hardware-wise. Not software. Since he never changed anything it´s not a software-failure.

    And sorry dude but if you use Nintendont combined with the "C2W"-overclock tool (or even without it) there is a certain risk your console will fail. If your USB-ports are dead, the PPC-cpu can no longer initialize them which means your vWii-mode is "dead".

    Has to do with how USB 2.0 works (and with the fact why they abandoned it with later consoles/PCs etc). USB 2 is a high-latency-high cpu-taxing protocol. USb 1 & 2 in general have a very high cpu-tax if you use them. Now you can imagine what happens if you use a fast Hdd, couple it with the back-port and then max out the processor-speed (Which means it can draw up to 15 watts).

    If you use your WiiU with a high-energy-consumption USB-device and you "overclock" your PPC-cpu you are risking the machine to break. I would never recommend doing that.

    And yes: It can even work for 6-12 months...and then suddenly fail. It´s a matter of time until you break it. To make totally sure your PPC-cpu won´t break or the vWii-mode will allways work it´s better to use a self-powered USB-device for that purpose. Or to not use USB at all.

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    Btw: "Who has ever heard of USB ports killing themselves from being used in the intended way? They are designed to be used."

    I have heard of such things. IN the past of very old PCs which still used these cpu-taxing USB 2.0-ports. Remember PS4/PS3-days? I even read an article warning of overloading your USB-ports. When Core 2 Duos came you simply could no longer kill your hardware like that though. So even if you still had USB 2 on Core 2 Duos & similar hardware, the issue no longer was true here.

    Those Pentium 3/Pentium 4/Athlon-days were the days, when you could easily overload your cpu by using the USB-ports and using some highly taxing software. In both cases you either killed your cpu- and or the VRM of it (remember WiiU also comes with a VRM-module)- or you killed the USB-port of it.
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