Nintendont does not see games

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    Soft modding a Wii and I'm having an issue using Nintendont. I have the latest version installed and it does not seem to see my HDD. Games are all installed and named properly per the Nintendont thread. The drive works fine in USB Loader GX and GX also sees the games and allows me to select them, configure them, and start them. Nintendont then loads and everything appears to go well. However, it gets to "Loading In..." and the whole console just shuts off. There shouldn't be any problem with the isos because my brother is using the exact same ones.

    I've tried loading Nintendont via HBC and get a message that it can't detect the games folder (which is definitely there). The HDD is also formatted per the instructions (MBR, FAT32, 32k clusters).


    I opted to put on my games on my SD card and everything seems to be working well from there
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    1. Make sure they're named properly ("/games/game title [gameid]/game.iso") and that you didn't end up with "game.iso.iso".
    2. Make sure there are no hidden partitions on the drive like virtual CDs or an EFI partition.