Nintendo Switch drain battery when completly off

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  1. RedScorpion2018

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    Jul 14, 2018
    Hi guys,

    i hope you can understand my problem and you can help me with a solution.

    Got a broken switch with yellow line on display and a broken switch with faulty usb-c port. Use the knowing good lcd switch and replace the motherboard with the working mainboard from the other switch.

    Works fine and could play with the console. But when the switch is complete off, the battery drains 1-2% in the hour and drains to the end and i have to reload the battery to play again with the switch.

    Try the following things:

    - no rcm or auto rcm was used on this console
    - X-Test with other battery -> same issue
    - disconnect all components - only battery on mainboard -> same issue
    - calibrate the battery - charge the battery, complete drain - 4times - same issue.
    - factory reset - same issue
    - use a multimeter and the mainboard got still power from the battery, but like i already said, the switch is complet off. Hold Power button 15 seconds or use the menu to power off
    - it occurs that if i charge the switch, the switch start after some minutes, thats okay, but she disable the backlit and if i press the power button, the switch doesnt react. i have to use the power button again 15 seconds. If i restart then, all works find.

    Read some month ago from a kernel bug which means that the switch cant completly power off anymore?!

    Hope someone could give me a hint or maybe a solution


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    I have this same exact problem on my Xbox360 controller which I barely used, it was 100% OK then I stop using Xbox360 4 years, I removed the batteries from the controler and just left it untouched in my drawer, when I turned my Xbox360 and used the controller it depletes the battery when not in use in like 2 days when the batteries Turnigy LSD even last around 1 week playing 2550mah and they actually charge around 2700...

    I'm not very knowledge in electronics, but maybe some component that is kaboom is probably heating up, maybe you can spot heat somewhere on the board when its OFF?
  3. RedScorpion2018

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    Jul 14, 2018
    Hmm, maybe, but couldnt find any hot component. Not on the battery and charg chip and not on the backsite.

    Any further tipps?!