Nintendo Switch Display Color Temperature Variation

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  1. sorabora

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    Here's a few more I took today - again, only of the "defective" yellow-tinted Switch that is now just shy of two-weeks old (so to speak):


    Sorry, I hope I'm not image spamming. At this point, it seems like the yellow tint is fading but I'm hesitant to conclude as much because the other unit isn't next to it. as before, max brightness with auto-brightness off.

    I guess I'll keep running the machine for another week and see what happens? Amazon hasn't had any additional units in stock so a simple replacement hasn't been an option as of yet :(
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  2. RemixDeluxe

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    I thought this was only a thing for the 3DS with it's power saving mode? I didn't even know this was something that could happen with LCDs.

    Also I don't understand how prolong use makes the problem go away too.
  3. Felek666

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    Jan 3, 2017
    Factory new LCDs which were only tested to see if they work have this problem.
    Pretty common in phones, if it overheats a bit, it will be back in it's normal shape in a week or two.
  4. KiiWii

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    Switch.lux f.lux style plugin incoming.
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  5. sorabora

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    Dec 8, 2016
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    Just as a heads up, the newer model (the yellower) never did quite match the cool/blue levels of the original.
  6. SundayWarrior

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    Jul 1, 2018
    I saw only two revision display at the moment -
    Jdi lpm062m326a and innolux p062cca-a21.
    Jdi worst colour quality. Innolux - great.
  7. SexySpai

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    your mom lol
    What do I do with this information.
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  8. Mr. Wizard

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    This is nothing new. It's been an issue since monitors were invented. It's not just an issue with monitors but with imaging devices like drum scanners and printers. In desktop publishing and pre-press we use to use apple colorsync among other things.

    What is ColorSync? - Indiana University Knowledge Base
  9. guily6669

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    Its common on almost all screen types, even OLED TV's doesn't matter if you pay 5K$ some ppl get a nice TV while others get redish tint on the white or whatever even on the same exact LG panel and TV model...

    Then most devices out there have different brands of screen manufacturers on the same exact device TV\phones\tablets\laptops...

    Also taking photos with a camera is hard to tell as even 10 photos can look slightly or very different, you would need a good camera and then you would have to calibrate the photo to match what you exactly see in the real world with your eyes on a professional calibrated screen which means you can take a picture of one device and it looks super yellow while other photo can look more white like, hard to tell...

    On my Xperia Z2 also from time to time the screen tend to get slightly redish and I have no clue what does that as its working perfectly fine and 0 problems so far with it...

    Then there is the Placebo effect, because my phone or even my Nvidia Shield Tablet looks white to me, but when I see other devices with a colder white, I look at my devices and they start looking warm, but they are indeed only slightly warm too, more than I like, I prefer a bit colder, but I always add more blue to the color calibration as they both have that setting but it still doesn't fix that all newer phones\tablets look way better on the white while showing pure colors and there's no way for me to match on my old devices as too much blue all colors will go away and change color too :(.

    EDIT: Forgot to say my Switch is a bit warm too, I would prefer a bit colder white too, I wish later they can add white color balance calibration feature to CFW.
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