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Oct 10, 2018
Puerto Rico
Note that I still don't know if custom themes can cause bans, you should not be connected to the internet or use a dns while in cfw (even if you don't use themes).

Update : 6.0 themes are out !

Enter my discord server if you would like to post or download any custom themes.

If ud luke me to make you a theme I only take 6.0 theme requests as i can not confirm any 5.0.X themes i make will work.

If you want me to make a custom theme on the discord you will need to send me a 720p or 1080 background image.

Ill make any 6.0 theme no matter the image or time it takes me.

Please post any questions you might have and i will do my best to answer.

You can also check Qcean's Custom Themes Post here on gbatemp

Discord: Shut Down Due to complaints and inactivity.
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    i was a bit mad when i noticed the shoutbox was gone, but this is fine too. i'm old don't like change lol.
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    Oh, now this is weeeeird. The shitbox was one thing, but now there's THIS!? EOFtemp when
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    wow how damn cool
    CeeDee @ CeeDee: wow how damn cool +1