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Jan 5, 2022
United Kingdom
Hi all I'm new to the forums. Just after some help/advice if possible. I have a hackable switch XAJ4004xxxx I've had sx os and atmosphere on it before. I decided to get it out of the case after moving house and found it wasn't booting into rcm mode so I've replaced the right joycon rail still no joy.
I'm almost certain it's a faulty usb c port now, it charges fine with official power brick and other 3rd party usb c cables. But doesn't seem to connect to my computer or laptop it says unable to charge and the computer or laptop won't detect it but says that message once plugged in. Also my rcm loader only seems to light up when plugged into my switch booting up into original firmware and not in rcm if it's even going into rcm mode.

So my question is if I replace the usb c port should that fix the problem or is it another problem be it the usb controller(M92T36 I think it is) / motherboard/ shorting or soldering related or something else completely. I'm only asking as I don't have any of the equipment required to replace the usb port myself. So I don't want to pay more than needed if anybody can diagnose the issue, and I might as well send it off to a company to do the repair for not much more.

Thank you
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