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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Yutsud, Sep 11, 2010.

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    I'm having issues getting my Wii to connect to the internet so I'm thinking about sending it into Nintendo. Now, the problem with this is (besides my warranty being up) it has been successfully soft modded, un-modded (by New Super Mario Bros. Wii update) and again successfully soft modded once again. I have deleted the home brew channel by simply going into system's channel settings, so nothing really special there (was this a mistake?). So my question is what can Nintendo do if they find that it's been soft modded?
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    void your warranty.

    have you looked into your router?
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    They may refuse to work on it!
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    This is what they'll do.

    I know somebody who sent a softmodded wii in for a dead DVD drive. N mailed it back saying the softmod had "damaged the console irreparably", which was complete nonsense. He installed a new drive himself following a youtube guide...and it worked fine.
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    It's kinda easy to say it's complete nonsense. The fact is that nintendo doesn't know what homebrew does. Or rather: they don't have to know or prove that the error was caused by the softmod. It's exactly the reverse: you only get your guarantee if you can show that you've used the wii in the way the wii is supposed to be used. In most cases, this can be safely assumed. However, doing things like breaking the EULA (eg. by installing software that isn't licensed by nintendo) will instantly void your warranty.

    @OP: not to be rude, but...if the warranty is up and the thing may have some traces of homebrew left...what would you expect nintendo to do about it? I mean...if you buy a car, use it for 5 years and then go back to the garage to ask your money back, you don't expect them to just give it back, right?

    Also: to my knowledge, nintendo doesn't offer repairs outside the warranty (I may be wrong on that).
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    here is an excerpt ripped from
    its a discussion between a user and a nintendo spokesperson... read

    Me: First of all, is at all affiliated or supported by Nintendo?

    Nintendo: No. The official website is Mario Kart Wii . If you ever want to make sure a website is sponsored by Nintendo, we recommend that you access Nintendo's main website, select a game, and the official sites for that game will be listed.

    Me: Now that you have read the first post of this Custom Tracks topic, is this something that Nintendo approved or supported?

    Nintendo: No. We never support illegal software of this sort. Unfortunately, with the internet, this sort of thing happens, but we don't recommend or support this.

    Me: Is there any risk of voiding our Nintendo Wii console's warranty by downloading and installing any of these software files?

    Nintendo: Yes. Anytime software or files of an illegal nature like this are used on a person's console, their warranty is voided.

    Me: Well, I know in the old days people would hack their consoles by manipulating the actual hardware of the system, you know? But that isn't the case here. This is completely downloaded through a person's SD card that is inserted into their Wii. It has nothing to do with the hardware.

    Nintendo: Software exclusive hacks still void the warranty. I mean, Nintendo will still repair consoles that have fallen off a tv stand or [laughs] been run over by your car. But when a person sends in that console and something like this [Riivolution] is on it, the customer will be stuck with a broken Wii.

    Me: Is there any risk of being banned by Nintendo if caught using any of these software files?

    Nintendo: Yes. Someone who is caught using this will have their account suspended. So, when they attempt to log into Mario Kart Wii, for example, they will get an error message about not being able to connect. They will need to call us up at that point and talk to a representative about getting unbanned.

    Me: I know Xbox has started disabling consoles so they can no longer go online in general. Is there any risk of consoles being disabled by Nintendo like that?

    Nintendo: For about..close to...a year now, we started to disable consoles' ability to go online. They will get an error message when attempting to.

    Me: In general? Not just for a specific game?

    Nintendo: Yes.
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    you can always use comex's nand reformater.