Nintendo 3DS doesn't recognize SD Card anymore

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    Hello to all!
    So, i had a 3DS XL on FW4.5 and i was using it with gateway. One day, a friend of mine updated it to the latest FW available. Luckly i have a NAND backup, so i was able to use the gateway again. The thing is, my friend and i tried to restore it by soldering and we didn't manage to get the backup back in the 3DS. So, we took off all soldering we've made and closed everything back in. But now my 3DS doesn't recognize any SD card i put in! The soldering points are very far form the SD Card slot in the 3DS so i know i didn't mess up the slot, but i still cant make it work. Anyone have ideas of what have happened?
    Also, no, i cant find someone expert on soldering here to make this work for me. Believe me, i've searched.
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    Personally I'd be congratulating my friend on the fact that they just bought my 3DS from me!

    You might want to post some hi res internal pics for people to look at.
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