Nexus 4 (anyone got it ?)

Discussion in 'Android' started by Youkai, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Youkai

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    Hi there,

    Anyone here already got the Nexus 4 ?

    Here in Germany google sells it for 300€ which is about 380 US$ which is very cheap for a smartphone (in austria lg sells it for about 600€ oO)
    Even though some tests say the Batterie is rather weak I would still like to get it, but sadly it was sold out after only 15 minutes ....

    so yeah anyone here can give "normal" user reviews ?
    I think most of those "professional" reviews are talking about usage a normal user would never do like having the screen powered all the time and with internet connection all the time ....
    For me even my old iPhone 3gs holds out barely a week sometimes ^^V and I hardly assume the Nexus wouldn't be much worse for me.
  2. Cortador

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    I did. I used to have a galaxy S3 (ATT) and before that the iPhone 4.

    In general, the Nexus 4 beats the iphone 4 in every category. S3 only manages to be able to support MicroSD expansion and battery replacement. I love not having to depend on a telephone company to release an update for my system.
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    This review might be of use to you.

    I am saving up for the Nexus 4 myself, looks so sexy.