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    Hello everyone. I currently have a wii that works perfectly, I use gamma.3 and can play everything I want to. So my brother got a wii, and I decided to mod it for him, of course getting all of the home brew stuff on there and using the twighlight hack was fine, but animal crossing will not play on it, here are a list of scenarios I have tried.

    I'VE TRIED!!!!!.....

    updating to 3.4
    installing ios16
    running ios downgrader
    downgrading to 3.2
    installing ios51
    and running rev7 cios installer
    everything installed no errors except for the (324) when I ran Animal Crossing

    I did the same thing but went to 3.3
    I have also tried installing ios38 with everything else in both 3.2 and 3.3
    I have tried uninstalling 249 with anytitle deleter and re-installing rev7 cios
    The media works in my modded wii which is at 3.3

    I checked the difference between mine list of ios's in anytitledeleter and my brothers and the only ios I have and he does not have was 55,
    and the ios's he has that i don't were 16, 50, and 254 which I deleted lol it didn't help and wouldn't let me delete 50

    His wii is brand new, and mine is about two or more years old, ANY IDEAS?!?!? I have researched pretty hard and am at a loss of ideas!
    Please help so I can get my actual copy of animal crossing back and don't have to play the burn't copy with horrible load times!!!!! lol
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    Nov 24, 2008
    First, follow the downgrading guides here, it seems that you have not downgraded properly.

    Then, confirm that you have the latest cIOS and Gamma.

    Then, consult on searching. Error 324 is bad burn.

    Next time, search, okay? Been covered lots of time already.

    Plus, next time, type properly, and do not CAPS.
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    I'd suggest trying different media... some drives seem to like certain dyes more than others.

    Do other backups work ok in it?
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    animal crossing needs ios38...
    install cioscorps.... an you'll be good
    just go to and install Softmii 2.0...
    if you have a modchip... then just install the ios38 in the cioscorp folder by putting it into the wad folder and installing it w/ wadmanager...
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    sorry about the caps, but yes call of duty works