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    Oct 14, 2018
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    I'm new to Wii U homebrew and have a situation where I want to take 1 Wii U with two user accounts and split it into two Wii Us with one account on each. Since Nintendo does things weird, I was recommended to use SaveMii to transfer any save files from one Wii U to another so each user has their own save files back. So far, I seem to understand the process as follows:

    1. Load some sort of CFW (I'd be using browserhax and Mocha because I don't want to pay for two copies of DS VC)
    2. Boot up SaveMii Mod
    3. Locate save files of interest and back them up to the SD Card
    4. Repeat steps 1-3 on the other console, instead injecting the saves into the other user's account

    It seems straightforward enough, and I've watched a tutorial on it, but I'm finding a bunch of different instructions based on different versions of the program. I have a few questions about the entire process after doing some research:

    1. What save files need transferred to the other system - only user-based ones, or shared saves as well?
    2. I saw the thread for SaveMii and there was some talk about needing to change the name of the save backup folder to match that of the user account it would be injected into. Is that still a thing?
    3. SaveMii also has an option to back up vWii titles as well; is this only for Wii VC, or is it for any save files in Wii Mode?
    4. Any risk of bricking from doing any of this or being banned because of using the transferred saves online?
    5. Do you still need Saviine to inject saves, or is that a thing of the past?
    6. Any other things to note about SaveMii or this process in general?

    Thanks in advance!
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