New Arena 7 released

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    'lo peeps!

    Since only a few of you happen to live in the Nordic countries, let alone Finland, I'm willing to share some insider info on a fantastic game dating back to the 90's (actually I hit a ton of hours into these games). The new Arena 7 has just been released by Seppo Suorsa, the original developer for the series since the beginning. The original games were mostly in Finnish, but the new entry into the series is completely in English too.

    What is Arena 7 you ask? (Unfortunately in Finnish, but hopefully the English version will come out sooner than later for the video)

    The game can be played on the original website. The link

    ps. This is a true Indie dev :P
    pps. I thought this might not be USN, since probably most don't know about it, but those who do might be interested (and why not some who don't know about the game!).