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    can anyone make or find a model for a non-xl new 3ds stylus? i cant find any mode;s for non xl and ive been looking for a while. If anyone can make one, that'd be great, i don't have a non-3ds stylus to model after, and i also lack skill in 3d modeling.
    if i were to 3d print the stylus, clearly it would work, because the 3ds uses resistive touch, but would it "tear your touch screen right up" as people in a reddit thread (specifically this one) seem to think?
    thank you for your help.

    edit: can anyone with both the new 3ds and the new 3ds xl tell me if the dimensions of the stylus for each console are proportional? if it is can you give me the dimensions to the non xl stylus and ill shrink an existing model for a new 3ds xl stylus and print that.
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