Question Nestopia UE libretro - Audio issues

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    So I went and installed the RetroArch NSP into my EmuNAND and updated the files to the latest version. Was hearing that for NES emulation, Nestopia UE was considered the best, so I downloaded that core. While games run fine, the audio has a crackling sound to it. Not just that, but almost like a reverb of said crackling when audio is silent. This is very noticeable in the intro to The Battle of Olympus. Was able to fix it with changing the audio driver from "switch" to "switch_thread", but was anyone else having that issue with the non-threaded version, and should I stick to the threaded version? This seems to happen with both docked and portable modes.

    Also, in at least one game, in my case it's Mega Man 2, I'm finding with Nestopia that the volume seems to fluctuate, that it fades between normal playback and a noticeably, yet subtle, quieter playback. Trying other games, but I can't really notice it. Is this normal? This seems to only happen to portable mode as far as I can tell.