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    I really like NEO Geo roms. I am using NeoDs 2.0. on my DS Lite and I was wondering...some roms like world heroes II run kinda slow. Is there any work around to make them run at a normal speed? I am planning on buying a DSI Large when it comes out. Is there any hardware like ram that will allow it to run faster?
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    I am not sure does neods use any kind of external slot 2 memory, but for dsi answer is: No can do tommy
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    Get a slot-2 rampack, it helps a lot. Mine makes a difference of about 5-10 frames per second if I have it in. The best advice I can give you is stick to older games. Like from before 1998. Also certain games should have the CPU set to 'slow', and that will give a speed boost. The ones that's true for are usually King of Fighters editions. You just have to try your favorite games out and see whcih ones are at a playable enough speed - with a slot2 rampack you will get a lot more out of it, and get away with certain newer games like Garou or Matrimelee without more than 5 to 8 rames worth of slowdown most of the time. So far the smoothest running games I've tried are Last REsort and King of Fighters 2001, with 2002 a close second, Kabuki Klash runs pretty well too..and Matrimelee and Samurai Shodown 2 are pretty good. Shock Troopers 1 works okay, Metal Slug 1 works really well, each sequel after that works slower and slower, although MS5 and MS-X seem about even with each other. 3 is a disaster. While NEods runs most games, if you dont stick to certain ones and get a slot2 pack, you trade speed for the portability. I wouldnt play it on a DSi except for someting really basic like Andro Dunos or Alpha Mission 2.
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    I play shooters like Shock Troopers and Strikers 1942p on a DSi LL ... i appreciate the slowdown as it allows me to actually play them without dying every 2 seconds [​IMG]
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    i'm on DS browser- Couldnt find Edit button, so ..
    Disregard my slot-2 test. It was faulty - my slot2 RAM isnt detected at all by NeoDS, I didnt realize yet. The framerate differences were just different levels as i played game, some backgrounds cause more slowdown in certain levels - removing or keeping in my slot-2ram made no dfference. No RAMpak compatibility list was released by Ingramb (neoDS guy), who seems done with updating neods...seems it's dead. One guy said an M3 - something pak is detected, i wish someone with it would check and post framerate tests. If the lower screen doesnt say "slot2" on it, your rampak isnt recognized, many are in that boat with me. so in exchange for my screwup here's a list of:
    -Games too slow to be fun on Neods! So you dont waste your time.
    this applies to all dsi neods users and anyone without the specific slot2paks NeoDS wants (mystery so far).
    {keep in mind disabling sound helps, but i never do it}
    -Garou(fatal fury)Mark of the Wolves
    -King of Fighters '98
    -King of Fighters '03 (a fasterpaced KOF - but the slowest on neoDS)
    -Shock Troopers 2nd Squad (a disaster..half-speed,worse..)
    -Blazing Star in level 2 and during bosses
    -Last Blade games (worst offender)
    -Any Samurai Shodown except maybe 1 (2 is almost fun if screen never zooms .. and it will)
    -Snk vs capcom Chaos (most stages run 42 fps - even worse at times)
    -Rage of the Dragons (matrimelee's faster but not nearly perfect)
    -Prehisoric Isle 2 (almost decent but just no fun at NeoDS speed)

    I wish the right slot2 pak would save these, even 5-8 added fps could make them fun, but theres no data out there on which to buy - NeoDS users or its creator never did framerate comparison tests or listed confirmed slot2 paks that work in NeoDS. a shame.
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    I didn't have many slowdown problems with NeoDS. It may be dependent on your microSD speed. Of course, I also have an M3 Perfect for my slot2 and NeoDS uses that.

    It may also help if you set the CPU to the slow setting. Seems backwards, but most games run MUCH faster using the slow CPU setting rather than the fast setting.