Neighbors From Hell - PC vs DS

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    JoWood's Neighbors From Hell was ported to the DS but I believe it's release so far as been limited to Europe. This was a great game series for PC but the DS version doesn't quite compare. For starters, the DS game is actually a port of NFH2: On Vacation. The controls were altered a lot... the PC game uses the mouse in a point and click interface while the DS game uses the d-pad for movement, buttons for interaction and the stylus for mini-games and interaction. It's rather awkward. The people responsible also saw fit to throw in new minigames and such made for the DS touch screen, altering levels to make them more difficult(the Great Wall level guts a staircase, making this about 5X harder). Unfortunately a lot of the touch screen stuff is iffy. The little maze is a practical impossibility to win becase the ball will explode is it gets near the walls and this happens a lot.

    I'd say try it out if you liked the PC games but don't expect too much of a decent port.
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    glad this is not a horror game
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    i played this on computer and to be honest, I prefer this on any platoform. The DS version of this was 'ok' same with the PC version.