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    Oct 25, 2016
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    I've been screwing around with hacking The Thousand-Year Door and so I've been using gcrebuilder along with jackoalan's custom-build of Audacity to modify the .stm files for the game's BGMs. I'm rebuilding from a root folder exported from a fresh ISO and I always repack/rebuild the root folder to a custom ISO. I'm also using the latest stable of Dolphin (5.0 x64), too.

    Problem is, when the game gets to a point where the custom music I inserted gets to the end of it's loop, it crashes and makes a horrible buzzing noise until I close or kill the process. Any idea of what might be doing this from the replaced music and how I can fix it?

    I've narrowed it down maybe, since the custom music .stm(s) I inserted technically work, I can hear them in game, short of the crash/softlock I get. I've taken precautions such as making sure it's stereo, that I include the loop label, 32000Hz, same/smaller file size, 16-bit PCM: but I'm not sure if the game is so fussy about some of those specific details in order to get the custom music working without any crashes or softlocks. I don't think it is for Hz or bitdepth as for requiring 32000Hz or 16-bit PCM but I like being better safe than sorry.
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