Need some help with Gateway

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    Nov 23, 2015
    I asked this in the Noob Paradise Topic, but seems nobody was able see it because the great number of posts.

    I downgraded the 3ds yesterday .

    Using Gateway, i already did the backup of the sysNAND, installed and updated the emuNAND and tested some .cia games with FBI.
    Seems all is going fine . (Still need to unlink the nands , forgot to do that)

    For now , i just want to know if :

    1 - Can i boot my 3ds direct (just after power on) in Gateway Menu? (Or in emuNAND)
    2 - Can i install FBI (the .cia archive) and use it in the 3ds menu like it was a game ?
    3 - And do the same with HBL (with Homehax or something) ?
    4 - There is any other homebrew that i may find usefull with Gateway?