Need some help setting up a basic Mob Spawner in my Java game :)

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    Hi! :D So I'm currently working on my first game in java, and I'm trying to create a basic mob spawner in it :)

    What I have done so far, is that I created a If statement, in the Enemy class I made, that uses a Random number generator to check if it should spawn something (Im considering making it time based, since I want the game to get progressively harder). :)

    The problem is that for every mob it's supposed to create, I have to manually make a different object for it (Ex Enemy1, Enemy2....), which makes it really time consuming (and probably very CPU consuming). :(

    That's why I wondered if there is some other way to do this? :P Maybe storing them in arrays or something if thats possible :P Thanks in advance ;)
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    My first thought would be to make enemy objects and store them in arrays, just like you say.
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