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    Aug 27, 2008
    yeah, i know there's a lot of these about but they really arent helpful....

    I have a DSTT (TTDS) with an 8gb micro sd.

    Im after a nice slot 2 so i can play some gba games and possibly some pkmn hacks and such off (such as shiny gold)

    so basically im after an indepth guide and help with what to do. im not after replacing my slot 1, just to buy a slot 2.

    what is a good slot 2 card, what i need to make it work, how much in GBP and a VERY indepth guide upon how to use... whether i can load it through the DSTT, whether it loads on its own or whether i need to take out the slot 1 first

    for people who have no knowledge of slot 2's. all the guides around are really confusing. so if someone can help with a very basic guide and what would work best, much thanks would be recieved.
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    Aug 2, 2007
    try searching.....

    really, the only currently made slot 2 is the ez 3 in 1 anyway, so you don't have any choice anyway

    its quite simple to use, if you have it in your ds you put the gba roms on your flashcard and launch them as if they were a DS game
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