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  1. Zeca21

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    Dec 17, 2011
    Hello, I´ve been using usbloader gx for about 2months and so far didn´t have a single problem but from 2weeks ago, some games are starting not to work... For example, De Blob2 used to work and yesterday I tried to boot it and the screen goes black and the wiimote disconnects... This also happens with Dragonball Z Budokay Tenkaishy 3... The same problem also happens with other games that never worked... Like Crash of Titans, Mario Allstars, Allstar Karate and others...
    One time I did an online update to the channel so my usbloader is V2.3 IOS249 (Rev21006) (g2x v6 base66)
    I use an HDD to load the backups and with other games never had a problem... so I can´t really understand what´s going on...
    Please, can someone help me why is this happening and how can I correct this?
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    check the hdds filesystem for errors