1. Jesus Sarmiento

    OP Jesus Sarmiento Member

    Jan 3, 2016
    United States
    I have the Homebrew channel on my vWii and i wanted to do some Super Mario Galaxy texture changing with Cosmic Mario to change his skin to that of Comic Clone Mario from SMG2. I have the texture file as a .arc file but i don't know where to put it. The website says to put the fies in a smg folder which i made on the ROOT of my sd card but it doesn't find it when i load Riivolution. It also says to have a .xml file which i got from the website. It was called smg-template.xml, but nothing works. I placed the .xml in a folder on the root of the sd card. The folder was called Riivolution. It also had a config folder but i didn't open it. Riivolution just shows the game at the top and gives me the options of removing, launching, or exiting. There are no patches to the left other than one that i believe is the template. Am i supposed to make the .xml or find the right one? I don't know how to make .xml files. I got my .arc form Galaxy Hacker's youtube channel. The specific video that has the file was him racing Cosmic Mario with Cosmic Mario having a Mario, Skeleton, and Cosmic Clone Mario skin. The files where in the description. Do i open Riivloution from the actual channel or from the Homebrew channel? I don't know if this thread belongs in this topic but it is Homebrew related so i figured it does. Anybody knows what I have to do? Thnx.
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