Need help with pokesav for Platinum

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    Feb 3, 2010
    Hello. I am using the .06d pokesav version in english for Pokemon Platinum. I downloaded it on Project Pokemon and i have a very annoying problem with it. You see, even though i am experienced with pokemon games (been playing since 1st gen), i know almost nothing about EV training and its mechanisms so in order to make up for that i am using the pokesav application on my Platinum saved game to alter the stats of my pokemon. However, after im done with the stats changes on my pokemon that are located in my party, when i put them in a box, the stats changes that i made are automatically nullified and the stats are back to what they were before i made the changes. In a nutshell, it is not permanent once i put them back in a box, even though it seems to be when they stay in my party. Could someone help me with this? I want the changes to be permanent no matter where the pokemon are located. Thanks!

    P.S If it is necessary to mention it, i am using a cyclods evolution cartridge along with a ez flash 3in1.
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    Edit the EV/IV, not the stats. when the pokemon is in the PC, extra data is removed, that data contains the stats, among some other things. when its withdrawn, that data is recalculated by the Pokemon's Level, IVs, EVs, and nature.