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    Aug 25, 2020
    Hey all,

    I bought a used Wii and I have a couple small problems I'm hoping to get fixed.

    So I got the Wii and during my initial routine check to make sure everything worked I noticed that it's got some old hacks installed:
    1. When I try to load a GameCube game it goes into a screen that says BACKUP LAUNCHER 0.2 with text underneath saying "Failed to read DVD 263" and "Error 0x53100 ready." - The screen sits here for 5 seconds, flashes green for 5 seconds, and then loads the GameCube game. This is annoying and I'd like to remove this mod or re-write it with a newer mod if possible
    2. I noticed that the current version installed is Wii System Update 4.1. I went to the System Settings and installed the latest version from Nintendo, but the Wii System Update still says 4.1. Is this correct? Do I need to use something such as DopMii to upgrade to 4.3?

    From what I gather, modding my Wii with a newer mod such as ModMii might potentially solve this issue, but I wanted to ask on here before I did so, so that I don't make the situation worse. What do you guys recommend? Should I update to version 4.3 first using something such as DopMii and then use ModMii to overwrite the old hacks?

    Edit: J35A6 is a godsend and helped me out in the WiiHacks Discord channel. It took all evening but he got everything working!

    Thanks in advance,
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