Need help with coldboothax loop

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    I need your help!
    I tried to install coldboothax but now, my Wii U is stuck on a reboot loop to fw.img...

    My haxchi config autoboot to fw.img and boot to hbl when I press A.
    So I can get rid of this loop and enter to the HBL when I press A but I can't go to system menu. It will loop all the time.

    So, how can I remove coldboothax from HBL? Is there any homebrew that let me connect my sysNAND using FTP and replace my system.xml file?

    I have Coldboothax that boot to fw.img
    But I enter to an endless loop.

    So I restart my Wii U pressing A so I can enter HBL.
    But, I'm stuck in HBL because if I launch cfwbooter or if I exit the HBL, my Wii U will reboot again to this endless loop
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    Idea. Change config.txt for hachi to launch sigpatch2hbl on say button press b. Reinstall haxchi from hbl with yor new config.txt included in package on sd. Use Dimoks latest sigpatcher as this contains wup server. Put that on your sd card where you said it should be in config.txt. So you could boot, hold b, sigpatch should run and boot to hbl. While there you could use wup client or ftpii everywhere to change your xml.
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