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  1. godblessme

    godblessme Newbie

    May 24, 2016
    hello i wanna se if i can somehow play backups on my 3ds system version is 4.4.0-10E

    i dont have flashcard or gatewaycard.only sd card so it is possible some webbrowser hack like i did on my wiiu the other day

    hope u answer i have tried some from youtube but it got me to install latest firware so lucky i got 2 3ds
  2. sweatbox

    sweatbox GBAtemp Regular

    Sep 14, 2009
    with 4.4.0 you have 3 options to have an offline solution with that you can start cfw like rxtools or luma3ds.

    1) set up a mset-exploit: this can be done by a webbrowser hack or by using a DS Flashcard like R4i.
    2) upgrade to 9.2 and use menuhax. it can also be installed by webbrowser or cubicninja or ocarina of time.
    3) upgrade to 9.2 and follow the Plailect guide to install the a9lh.

    a lot of buzzwords you can search and think about.
  3. godblessme

    godblessme Newbie

    May 24, 2016
    The mest exploit sounds Great you now any tutorials i can look into and this metod only need a sdcard antar internet on 3ds
  4. sweatbox

    sweatbox GBAtemp Regular

    Sep 14, 2009
    ok the internet version so. I supposed you will have 4.4.0-10 if not it may be doesnt work.

    *****THIS IS NOT THE NEWEST/best METHODE BUT ********************
    for all this steps you dont need a gateway-card!

    - Get the launcher.dat from the gateway (can't link it sry); get rxtools;
    - put your sd-card into a pc and copy the hole stuff to your computer as backup
    - put the launcher.dat into your sd-card
    - put the sd-card back into your 3ds
    - start the 3ds and open the browser and go to the url
    - inside the gatewaymenu you can select format emunand.
    - if you are there and done your formate, select backup sysnand (only for have it)
    - hold d-pad down and b (it will shut down your 3ds)
    - put the sd-card into your pc.
    - move your nand.bin on a save place rename it well like nand_o3ds_<name>_<sn_of_your_3ds>.bin
    - copy all the stuff you backuped in stell two back to your sd card

    Congratulation big step one is done you have emunand.

    big step two is following the first installation for rxtools.
    - that means installing python2.7 if not allready installed
    - execute the ../tools/
    - find the slot0x25KeyX.bin (google it or use the one from Plailect)
    - copy the files to your 3ds sd-card

    last big step
    get mset install from this tut *credits to @DjoeN
    - Get rxinstaller.bin out of the rxTools package and place it in the root of your 3DS SD
    - Choose URL and type in:
    - Bottom screen should give a slicht flicker after that clsoe your browser, this will give you an error, ignore
    - Now go to your "settings" "General settings" "Profile" then "Nintendo DS-profile"
    - It should boot rxTools now

    and done.

    Next question will be ... linked nands or seperate them ... maybe search a bit.

    for linked nands you are ready.

    otherwise check first if you get into rxtools and then restart. go to settings and search for format. drop out your sd-card and confirm. this means you will have to install mset oncemore but has now seperated nands.

    both has pro and cons so have a look by yourselfe
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