Need help removing a corrupted Wii save file

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by SSJwiggy, Nov 19, 2012.

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    I've got a save of Drawn to Life on my Wii that I just cannot remove. I've tried formatting my Wii, deleting it in the System Settings, deleting it through AnyTitleDeleter and other homebrew applications that let me look at the gamesaves on my Wii. I've reached a dead-end and need this file removed because it's stopping me from transferring the data off my Wii to my Wii U (it gets an error when transferring my save data). One possible solution that I don't know how to do is hacking the nand to remove the gamesave and recompiling the nand back together again, but I don't know what that involved. How would I go about doing that or are there other solutions?
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    how has AnyTitleDeleter not worked, did it refuse to delete files, or did it not load? and what version of the app have you tried? any other specifics? what folders have you browsed to delete the save?

    On the off chance that your using a version of AnyTitleDeleter that doesnt 'like' your wii, ive made a simple edited version of 1.1 so it works for what i need it for. Ive misplaced the edited source so I just PM'd you a link to try.
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    can you not run the game itself and it will detect the corrupted save and remove it?
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    Wait, you can't delete the file inside of the game? Next to the profile name in the profile select there should be a red X next to the name on the name's right.
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