need an advise for buying old 3ds console...

Discussion in '3DS - Console, Accessories and Hardware' started by natanelho, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. natanelho

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    Apr 25, 2015
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    I currently own a new 3ds FW 10.1 and sky3ds (staying on this FW and waiting for smea to update to 10.3)
    now recently I noticed that all the new games for 3ds from now on wouldn't be compatible with my sky, and I can't use eshop/install cia (knew it b4, but now it disturbs me more).
    now I have a few options: trade my new 3ds for old 3dsxl- which is risky 'cause the shop doesn't tell me the FW
    2.buying another old 3ds/2ds 9.2> and using rxtools+sky+new3ds combo to get almost full compatibility for most of games (not including "binding of isaac" which is only digital and only for new3ds- I like this game but can live without it)
    3.buying new3ds on firmware 9.2> which is very rare (as I understand from people on gbatemp)

    my biggest problem is playing LOZ-TFH and the "smilebasic".
    please advise me which console to buy- my budget is about 100-150$

    1.what region to buy? is Japanese 3ds more expensive then European/ American? can I install CIAs from other regions? to check the firmware w/o opening the box? I heard somewhere that all the 2ds's and o3ds's that are right-from-the-box are 9.2 or lower (not talking about the bundled ones) rare is it to find n3ds 9.2 or lower now-days?
    other factors I din't mentioned? where can I safely buy 3ds knowing it's from the region I chose and on the right version, while knowing that this place is reliable?

    BTW I don't care about the color. and the closest video game shop is 3 hours of driving away.

    sorry for my bad english- its not my main lang.
  2. wormdood

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    1.1) your choice really
    1.2) no
    1.3) yes sir
    2.) if you get them new (condition) o3ds will be in a good fw for cfw, also bundles are included (the game is a downloadable code, not pre-installed) if you need to see for yourself you can YouTube a few un-boxing videos (my mario kart 7 2ds bundle cost $100usd and the fw was
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    1. Wouldn't trade my N3DS for an O3DS, Keep this for all your legit bought games and emulation stuff on homebrew (it still runs way better on N3DS then O3DS), use the other system with CFW for all your other needs
    2. Best option, most to all new O3DS (XL) systems in a store are still lower then 9.2 FW (especially those with older pre-installed games)
    3. VERY hard to find and risky on e-bay

    LOZ-TFH does work nice on my O3DS with CFW (Cakes and rxTools)

    Buying a second hand O3DS (XL) has also a little risk, when i bought it, i bought it in my regio and i got it myself, so i could test it.
    Ordering Online has always a little risk, best is to get it yourself!
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  4. mc-kiler

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    Jan 1, 2015
    Dont rely on a 9.3+ cfw so sell it
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